The Tax Deadline – Is Fast Approaching

Christmas & New Year – usually a very busy time for all professional drivers?

You’re the lifeblood of the Christmas effort; it wouldn’t be the same without you!


This year has been disastrous for some of our subscribers but brilliant for others.

The taxi trade has taken an absolute hammering throughout the year, and this period which normally boosts your income – is completely flat.

No Christmas parties, limited shoppers and limited night’s out.

In contrast…

Deliveries of online orders and food have gone through the roof with some drivers having a bumper year.

Many taxi owners switched over to deliveries very quickly, which helped maintain their income but not cover their significant overheads.

There are winners and losers in almost every situation – global pandemics are no exception.


Don’t forget what’s coming in January…

Your 2019-2020 TAX RETURN – if you’ve left it to the last minute!


For just £60, drivers can submit this tax return using The Drivers Tax App.

It provides you with a done-for-you tax return which is submitted directly with HMRC.

If you use “The Drivers Tax App” to file your tax return – you could save around £300 every year.

Go to: and have a look.

Answer a few simple questions to set up your account and you’re good to go.

You only need to Enter Income – Enter Expenses – Hit Submit – DONE

It’s REALLY that simple.

And – you won’t have to pay a single penny until you’re ready to submit your tax return!

Then it’s completed and filed with HMRC – on time and no penalties.


Will you hand around £350 of your hard-earned cash over to your once-in-the-year, January friend, aka your accountant?

Time to get smart!


Follow the link below to the GOV.UK website – you’ll find us right at the top of their list!

When you click on it, it will take you straight to the App.


Here’s what some of the drivers already using the App have said: –

Thomas Donald  recommends The drivers tax app.

2 July ·

“Great program easy to fill in your earnings and expenses”

 Tom Cunningham  recommends The drivers tax app.

4 October ·

“Dead simple to use, I’ve submitted a tax return through the App already, no problems👌 Thanks guys, keep up the good work.”

Al Kerr  recommends The drivers tax app.

12 October ·

“Excellent way for Drivers to keep track of income and expenses to make the nightmare of tax so much easier! Just update as you go and no endless days of digging through receipts in a mad dash to file.”


Remember: The easiest way to increase your profit is to reduce your costs.

We hope you have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.