Still Going Strong

Another day another dollar!

Are you thinking, I’ve just about had enough of Christmas already?

Long days, long nights and long shifts, is that what December means to you?

Is that the price of being your own boss?

You know that if you “keep it going” for a little bit longer.

You’ll be able to put your feet up in January.

Play with the kids or grandchildren.

You know you’ve been working hard and soon; you’ll have time to relax.

January, February and March are lean months indeed, so you know you must grind it out for the rest of December.

That way you can ride out the quiet months that follow.

But DON’T FORGET – the dreaded tax return needs to be filed and your tax must be paid, before 31 January 2020.

We can help you with that and save you around £250 that you won’t need to pay out to your Accountant.


Because we can help you to do your own accounts and tax return – it’s easy.

Oh, and you are WRONG if you think we just want your hard-earned cash.

Did you know that you can do your own tax return on the HMRC website for FREE!

It’s not easy but it is possible.

I’m sure your Accountant won’t want to tell you that.

Using “The Drivers Tax App” you can complete your tax return in 10 minutes, it’s true we’ve timed it!  It’s that easy.  Ok, it might take an hour the first time, but you will get quicker.

Go to:

Answer a few simple questions to set up your account and you’re good to go.

You won’t have to pay a single penny until you’re ready to submit your tax return either.

Then just Enter Income – Enter Expenses – Hit Submit – DONE

Your tax return is completed and filed with HMRC – on time and no penalties.

It’s REALLY that simple – and it’s…








Want to check?


Follow the link below to the GOV.UK website – you’ll find us right at the top of their list

When you click on @driverstaxapp, it will take you straight to our web-based App.


Here’s what some of the drivers already using the App have said: –

Andy Davies  recommends The drivers tax app.

5 July ·

Excellent app. Mark is brilliant.


Craig Tumblety  recommends The drivers tax app.

6 October ·

This is a great app. Really easy to use.


Al Kerr  recommends The drivers tax app.

12 October ·

Excellent way for Drivers to keep track of income and expenses to make the nightmare of tax so much easier! Just update as you go and no endless days of digging through receipts in a mad dash to file.


Have a great December guys, work hard now – relax later.


The Drivers Tax App Team








P.S. Use “The Drivers Tax App” to file your tax return and you’ll save around £250

P.P.S.  Remember to “Keep it going” this month.