Making Tax Digital Is Still A Major Priority

Making Tax Digital is still a major priority according to spending review.

Now, we realise that not EVERYONE wants to be working their way through Government announcements with a fine-tooth comb but don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

Right at the end of November, the Chancellor delivered his Spending Review speech to the House of Commons.

Standard stuff.

As usual, he outlined the government’s spending plans for the next financial year.

But there were a few things he didn’t highlight.

One of which is going to be critical to professional drivers and even property landlords…

Making Tax Digital

You’ve probably heard about it from The Drivers Tax App and maybe thought it wasn’t for you or a long way off but make no mistake, it is coming folks.

Here’s what the good folk at Which? had to say about it.

“While the Making Tax Digital scheme has already come into force for businesses declaring VAT, there have been plans to bring income tax for taxpayers such as landlords and businesses into the same process”. 

Whilst the Which? team note that the deadlines have been pushed back a little, they also note that this Spending Review confirmed that the programme has got nearly £150m behind it!

That is serious stuff so beware and be prepared, Making Tax Digital is coming.

The whole idea is to make things a lot simpler and indeed more accurate for everyone.

So what is the recommendation from Which? 

Simple really.

‘To comply, you just need to make sure you keep your records and submit your tax returns using compatible software.’

Now, if only there was an App for that!

The Drivers Tax App are here to help, just drop us a line with any questions.