Deadline Approaching ASAP

Christmas – always a very busy time for professional drivers isn’t it?

You are the lifeblood of the Christmas effort; you are Santa’s corporate helpers, delivering the presents the elves can’t manage.

Taking excited staff to their Christmas booze-up then taking them home, crazy drunk.

Helping shoppers with loads of bags into your taxi.

Fighting your way through the traffic while other motorists are “window shopping” instead of watching the road!

Yes, December is a crazy busy month.  You would rather not work Christmas, but you know you’ll have to because you know what’s coming.


It’s suddenly dead quiet and there’s hardly any jobs.

WAIT – who is that hiding in the Christmas Angels wings?





YEP, the scary tax man!

Now you wish you had done more hours in December or saved harder through the year.

Maybe you wish you had kept your accounts up to date so you wouldn’t have to panic to get them done now.

Will you just hand around £350 of your hard-earned cash over to your once-in-the-year, January friend, aka Accountant.

After all some of you could almost earn that in a day in December.

But it’ll more like 3-4 days in January!

Isn’t it time to give yourself a break?


Take your partner or family on a City Break in January and chase away those post-Christmas blues.

Why not?

You’ve worked hard – you deserve it.

And I can show you how you can afford it.

Your Accountant can that’s for sure; and he’ll be on holiday in February!

Time to get smart.

Use “The Drivers Tax App” to file your tax return – you could save £250!

Go to:

Answer a few simple questions to set up your account and you’re good to go.

You won’t have to pay a single penny until you’re ready to submit your tax return!

Then just Enter Income – Enter Expenses – Hit Submit – DONE

Your tax return is completed and filed with HMRC – on time and no penalties.

It’s REALLY that simple – and it’s…


Follow the link below to the GOV.UK website – you’ll find us right at the top of their list!

When you click on it, it will take you straight to the App.

Here’s what some of the drivers already using the App have said: –

Thomas Donald  recommends The drivers tax app.

2 July ·

Great program easy to fill in your earnings and expenses

 Tom Cunningham  recommends The drivers tax app.

4 October ·

Dead simple to use, I’ve submitted a tax return through the App already, no problems👌 Thanks guys, keep up the good work.

Al Kerr  recommends The drivers tax app.

12 October ·

Excellent way for Drivers to keep track of income and expenses to make the nightmare of tax so much easier! Just update as you go and no endless days of digging through receipts in a mad dash to file.

Have a great December guys, work hard now – relax later.


The Drivers Tax App Team







P.S. Use “The Drivers Tax App” to file your tax return and you’ll save around £250

P.P.S.  Remember to book that “FREE” City break for the family.